Maintain your wigs and hair extensions with a luxurious Satin Meya wig holder/hanger bag. The wig hanger allows you to safely store your wig units without worrying about tangling, dust infection, or storage. Why do you need a Satin Meya Wig Hanger Bag?- You can easily identify which wig you choose to wear without the hassle of searching in the drawers.- Hang hair units or extensions with a protected cotton material between the hanger lips.- Protecting your wigs and hair extenstions becomes easy with a satin wig hanger. It protects the hair moisuture, styling and overall hair texture quality. Use the satin wig hanger bag to travel with one or more wig units. It does not take a lot of luggage space and it protects the hair from items located in the luggage.

Long Luxury Satin Wig & Hair Extensions Storage

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  • Used for storage and hair protection of wig units and extensions.

    Colour: Black

    Size: 27 x 56 cm | 10 x 22 inch

    Material: Satin

    Features: Wig zip bag & hanger (wig not included)